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Brand: TRIXIE Product Code: 852397

Measurements: 5 l/40 × 26 × 34 cm plastic for up to 5 l dry food spiral inside to prevent food getting stuck program your feeding times up to 5 times a day 24 h individually adjustable portions can be set individually for each meal: min. 25 ml/max. 500 ml easy to fill with removable lid transparent container makes it easy to control the amount of food easy to program optionally, a recorded voice message can be played at feeding times to attract the pet’s attention with LCD display and key lock easy to clean (feeding bowl dishwasher safe) with USB connection or optionally battery operated (4 x D Mono batteries not included) incl. USB cable (adapter available separate item 12709) batteries must be removed when using the micro USB cable and a seperately available USB main plug