Grooming Booking

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You have to bring your Pet to the store located in Al Rai

1. Your booking time confirmed on Website or Mobile App is considered as your queue number and you should be in queue till your turn arrives for your Pet Grooming.
2. You cannot take your Pets inside for Grooming unless your turn comes, you have to wait till the Groomer Calls you as your turn.
3. The timing you have booked on website or Mobile App only guarantees you have booking on same day, your should be patient till your turn comes for grooming.
4. If you have Multiple Pets for grooming, the time will be doubled.
5. Basic Pet Grooming time is 25 to 35 minutes per Pet, based on the Pets size this will be varied.
6. Full Grooming 45 to 1hr based on the Pets size this will be varied

يرجى العلم بسبب الوضع الحالي قد تواجهه تأخيرا في الخدمه من ٣٠ دقيقه الى ساعه واحده في بعض الحالات