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Brand: JULIUS Product Code: 100529

IDC® tubular webbing leash - Black - 15 m / 49,2 feet - 14 mm / 0,55 inch Width: 14 mm / 0,55 inch, Length: 15 m / 49,2 feet, Metal carabiner, With handle SKU: 218-NL-15S A durable and heavy duty leash, with special fluorescent lines in its material. Made of strong but smooth strap, so it never hurts the trainer's hand. A leash is essential for every dog owners of the world, so it should be comfortable, practical and easy to handle. The IDC leash is strong and long-lasting, so it’s practical for everyday walks, but for sport activities and trainings as well. Comfortable to hold, doesn’t disturb your hand even if the dog pulls harder. The carabiner is made of steel, easy to open but safe. The real speciality of an IDC leash is that it contains fluorescent threads, somake good visibility even at night. Available in different sizes (lenght and width), with or without handle, so you can choose the perfect one for you and your dog.