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DescriptionAlpha Meal Program Adult (Phase 2) The Alpha Meal Program for Adults is the most advanced canine nutritional program targeted to address bodybuilding, performance and overall optimal health. The program encompasses three powerful formulas designed to work in sync to fulfill your canine's nutritional needs and maximize its overall potential: Best In Show Vitamins & Minerals Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance Formula MASS Weight Gainer When should you begin the A.M.P. Adult? The Alpha Meal Program for Puppies transitions into the Alpha Meal Program for Adults at one year of age. If your canine is already over one year of age, the Alpha Meal Program for adults may be administered immediately. Feeding Directions Best In Show Vitamins & Minerals: Feed 1 tablet daily per 50lbs. Formula MASS Weight Gainer: Add 1 ½ scoops daily per 50lbs. For working canines, nursing females or neglected canines use double the daily recommended dosage. Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance: Add 1 scoop per 50lbs prior to first meal. For working canines you can divide the daily recommended dosage prior to first meal and after workouts. Managing your show dogs weight: The Alpha Meal Program for adults makes managing your canine's weight simple. Since the Formula MASS Weight Gainer increases your canines healthy calorie intake, all you will need to do is reduce your daily recommended dosage. Keep in mind every canine is different; A test trial is recommended.