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Ignite K9 Electrolytes is an all natural isotonic electrolyte supplement that maintains mineral balance within the canine’s body during exercise and performance. It contains key ingredients that rehydrate and replenish your dog’s internal system during enhanced physical activity. Unlike other brands, Ignite K9 Electrolytes contains no artificial colors or flavors. Ignite K9 Electrolytes comes in a isotonic small pellet form and contains 4 strains of microbial cultures to support digestive tract health, making it highly palatable . Ignite K9 Electrolytes is specifically formulated for effective electrolyte replacement in all breeds of canines. Electrolytes are an extremely important factor in regulating muscle function, fluid balance, and metabolism. Deficiencies can result in muscle fatigue and dysfunction. During intense activity the canine’s body temperature, pH, osmolarity and energy levels must be maintained. Adding Ignite K9 Electrolytes to your dog’s daily nutritional program provides the support it needs during strenuous exercise. Recommended for: - Working Canines Or All Forms Of Exercise - Canines In Training Or Dog Sports - Performance & Endurance Canine Athletes - Canines Under Stress From Dehydration - Canines Living In Warm Climate Conditions Ignite K9 Electrolytes Offers The Fastest & Most Efficient Delivery Of All Forms Of Electrolytes. Isotonic electrolytes provide the proper concentration of minerals in the same isotonic balance as those found within the cell and circulation. This is important for maintaining osmotic pressure, fluid balance, and proper pH during exercise or physical stress. Ignite K9 Electrolytes comes in a small pellet form for two reasons: Faster Delivery and to prevent water logging during exercise. Our goal is to allow your canine to perform at its maximum potential without hindering its performance levels with a bloated stomach. Combat Against Heat Stroke! Heat stroke is a common issue with many dogs in the summer, especially within breeds that have shorter snouts. Heat stroke is an emergency and requires immediate treatment. Because dogs do not sweat (except to a minor degree through their foot pads), they do not handle high environmental temperatures as well as humans do. Dogs depend on panting to lower their body temperature. When air temperature is close to body temperature, cooling by panting is not efficient. Adding Ignite K9 Electrolytes to your dog’s daily nutritional program will give the support it needs to stay hydrated in warmer climate conditions. Feeding Directions: Per 100 lbs - Light training: 1 scoop daily. - Moderate training: 1 scoop, twice daily. - Heavy training or other intense conditions: Up to 3 scoops daily. *For Best Results supplement 45-60 minutes prior to workout.