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Formula MASS Weight Gainer for canines is a unique blend that provides highly digestible fats, proteins and carbohydrates to sustain energy for the athletic dog. The high energy density of Formula MASS Weight Gainer is derived from premium quality vegetable fats that are of high nutritional value. Formula MASS Weight Gainer also contains direct fed microbials to support gut health. Dogs absolutely love the taste and aroma of Formula MASS Weight Gainer. Advanced Support Recommended For: - Healthy Weight Gain or Weight Stability - Maintaining or Building Quality Muscle - Superior Energy Source During Exercise - Healthy Skin and Coat Conditioning - Enhancing Recovery Time Following Exertion - Nutritional Calorie Intake For Nursing Mothers & Puppies Why Use Formula MASS Weight Gainer For Dogs? Formula MASS Weight Gainer for canines is the most advanced product available to help maintain the weight of all classes/breeds of dogs without subjecting it to the stresses of unnecessary over feeding. A common mistake some dog owners make when trying to increase the weight of a dog is to overfeed it. If the dog is underweight or is unable to maintain it’s weight, some owners believe that feeding excessive amounts of a high calorie, high fat food to their dog is the answer. Unfortunately, this usually results in the dog quickly going from underweight to overweight, with all of the associated medical problems that come with an overweight dog. A well balanced diet and the addition of a supplement formulated for healthy weight gain for dogs is a much better solution. How to Use Formula Mass Weight Gainer For Dogs. Formula MASS Weight Gainer for canines can be added to your dog’s daily diet. Simply add the recommended dosage to your canine’s kibble and shake. The palatable powder contains a binding agent with excellent flavor release and great aroma. Our formula is designed to make enhancing your dog’s healthy calorie intake easier, and no water is needed. Feeding Directions: - Canines under 50 lbs: ? scoop per 15 lbs, daily. - Canines 50 lbs and over: 1 scoop per 50 lbs, daily. *For better gains or severe cases increase daily dosage by double. Benefits Of Formula MASS Weight Gainer for Dogs. Formula MASS Weight Gainer is specifically designed for the athletic canine to increase and maintain healthy weight, build muscle mass, ignite energy levels, reduce fatigue, fuel muscles during performance and enhance recovery time. By combining a healthy calorie source with a daily exercise program your dog will build quality muscle to amplify strength. Dogs of all classes and breeds such as: Show dogs, hunting dogs, agility dogs, working dogs, weight pulling dogs, abused or neglected dogs, recovering or nursing mothers, puppies and even your average house pet will benefit from the nutrition provided in Formula MASS Weight Gainer. Healthy Skin & Coat: Formula MASS Weight Gainer is an excellent formula to maintain and develop a healthy skin and coat. Amino acids are the building blocks of the coat and skin. If your dog’s diet is lacking in protein, it may be evident in the form of dry, flaky skin. A change in the pigmentation of the skin can also indicate a protein deficiency. Your dog’s skin is vital in protecting it, and poor skin health can decrease its ability to heal properly from superficial skin wounds. Fatty acids also help your dog maintain healthy, moisturized skin and hair. Fatty acids are stored under the skin, and they provide a barrier for the skin cells to prevent water and other fluids from exiting through the skin cells, causing it to dry out. A lack of fatty acids in the skin can increase its vulnerability to dryness, which can cause your dog’s skin to itch and flake. This works similarly for hair cells; if the hair follicles are properly moisturized due to the necessary amount of fatty acids, hair will be soft and healthy rather than dry and brittle. Our formula provides the right amounts for fats and proteins to give your dog a healthy and shiny coat. The Right Fats: Formula MASS Weight Gainer offers an excellent source of premium quality vegetable fats. Fats are concentrated forms of energy, and contain two-and-one-fourth times the energy as an equivalent weight of protein or carbohydrates. Since fats are abundantly available in both plants and animals, they are an economical source of productive energy and fatty acids. Fats also carry fat soluble vitamins throughout the internal system which allows your dog to utilize them more efficiently. It is extremely important to feed your dog premium quality fats since they can influence the ability to perform muscular work. Fatty acids from quality vegetable fats are essential for proper cell function including the ability for cells to communicate properly with each other when the system is distressed. If the cells are not communicating, your dog may be unable to fight off infection or other illnesses properly. Another important function of fatty acids is reducing inflammation caused by autoimmune system disorders. This is significant for a dog’s joint health in particular, as inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, can cause an unwarranted response from the immune system to healthy tissues. Because of the inflammation caused by the immune system response, healthy tissue can become damaged and your dog could end up with stiff, sore joints as a result. Our formula offers the right balance of premium quality crude fats to help your dog live a long and healthier lifestyle. Proper Protein: Formula MASS Weight Gainer contains high quality protein. It is important to feed your dog a high quality protein to promote a long and healthier life. Proteins are broken down into separate amino acids in the digestive tract by the actions of enzymes. The liver then processes the amino acids into protein that the body needs to build tissue and muscle. Because of the balanced formula is rich in protein, your dog will take in nutritious calories that will increase lean tissues and build healthy muscle mass, rather than padding it with unneeded fat. Proteins/amino acids serve as important building blocks for body tissue, organs, enzymes, hormones, and antibodies which are important for adult canines and growing puppies. Protein is essential for not only building muscle, but tendons, cartilage and ligaments as well. These work together with your dog’s bones to provide mobility. For your dog to be able to run and play, healthy tissues are a necessity. Protein also helps keep your dog’s energy levels up, and helps to increase recovery rates after exertion. In addition, proteins help regulate hormone and antibody production, which are vital for your dog’s growth and resistance to illness. A lack of protein can cause a wide variety of health issues, including epilepsy and similar seizure disorders. Importance Of Carbs: Formula MASS Weight Gainer provides the right balance of carbohydrates that will give your dog the energy it needs to run and play, building muscle and bone strength. Exercise is important for dogs of all ages. Without enough carbohydrates, your dog could become lethargic and sluggish. Carbohydrates are also a source of dietary fiber for your dog. Dietary fiber is essential for your dog’s digestive health. Both soluble and insoluble fiber help keep your dog’s bowel movements regular and their stool normal. In addition, having a proper amount of dietary fiber can also help prevent illness within your dog’s digestive system. Because fiber keeps everything moving along quickly, bacteria and other harmful substances don’t have the opportunity to cling to the walls of the colon, where they can cause infection or other problems. Nutritional Source For Nursing Mothers & Puppies: Formula MASS Weight Gainer is highly beneficial for nursing mothers and growing puppies. With the stress of pregnancy, delivery and nursing valuable nutrition is lost. Her body needs a balanced formula that helps her recover from these lost nutrients. A nutritious supplement can help her regain strength after delivery and keep her healthy so that she can nurse her puppies. A nursing mother needs plenty of calories, but those calories can pile up on her and increase her fat levels if they are not from a good source. Our balanced formula provides puppies with the extra nutrients they need to develop strong muscles, healthy tissues and immune systems to ensure proper growth at a healthy rate without gaining too much fat. Growing pups need protein and calcium for strong bones and to help with the eruption and development of their teeth. Fatty acids also boost your puppy’s immune system so that it is more resistant to illness and disease. Puppies that are not fed adequate amounts of fat can have developmental problems and growth deformities as well. Our formula provides the support and nutrition that both a nursing mother and puppy needs to develop properly. Healthy Digestive System: Formula MASS Weight Gainer also supports gut health through direct fed microbials (DFM). It is important to incorporate (DFM) into your canines daily diet to inhibit problem causing bacteria responsible for disturbances in the GI tract. Growth rate, feed conversion and many diseases are closely connected with the overall function of the gastrointestinal system. By adding this state-of-the-art formula to your dog’s daily nutritional program you will provide it with what it needs to maintain a healthy digestive system.