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Pet Therapy Mandarin shampoo is the ultimate luxurious spa treatment shampoo, which rejuvenates your pet as you wash. Pet Therapy natural shampoo contains mandarin essential oil to cleanse and condition the coat and skin naturally and natural coconut oil cleansers to clean even the dirtiest pet. Mandarin essential oilwill help to relax your pet and give them a spa type experience as you bathe them. Mandarin oil is a natural disinfectant, which refreshes the skin and stimulates circulation. Also contains Panthenol Provitamin B5, which actively penetrates the hair shaft and root,giving long-lasting moisturisation. It imparts flexibility from the inside, lustre from the outside and will reduce tangles by smoothing the hair cuticle. It will leave your pet clean, fresh, revived and smelling great. Pet Therapy Mandarin shampoo contains no harsh chemicals or detergents. Also available is the Pet Therapy Mandarin Body Spritz, which is ideal for keeping your pet smelling fresh between washes.