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10 L Cat Litter PETS CLEAN Marseille Soap Fragrance Marseille Soap Fragrant cat litter clumps super fast, while trapping the bad smell, it leaves the smell of Marseille soap around. Cat Litter is made from natural natural Bentonite sand and contains no harmful substances that can harm your cat's health. The molecular structures of the natural minerals used in their raw materials have very high liquid absorption power. It agglomerates instantly and therefore absorbs the liquid in a very short time. It has an ideal clumping feature; It forms quick and tight lumps. Thanks to its quick clumping feature, it prevents the liquid from accumulating and smelling under the cat toilet bowl. It provides a healthy and hygienic environment to your cat by providing perfect dryness even in long-term use. You can take the lumps formed with a shovel immediately and thus prevent bacterial growth.